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Staci Hart

With A Twist

With A Twist

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I had no idea that when the guy across the hall saved my armoire from a swift death by staircase, he’d end up becoming my best friend.

And I definitely didn’t know I’d fall in love with him. 

Especially since he’s not in love with me.

You’d think I’d get a clue—any guy who thinks I’m cute while inhaling a burrito is a winner, but a lumberjack of a man with a smile that bright could charm anybody out of their pants if he set his mind to it.

I wish he’d set his mind on me.

West doesn’t approve of the guy I’m dating, and he makes sure I know it, pointing out what a douchebag Blane is at every opportunity. The flare of possession in West’s eyes sends an unexpected shudder of desire through me. His insistence that I deserve better leaves me wondering if he means himself. 

But loving West is dangerous. 

I could lose my best friend and my heart in one fell swoop.

And risking it could be my downfall.

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